Thoughts on Vineman

Weekly Volume

A lot of people have been voicing their concern over the amount of volume I’ve been doing, especially the weekend before Vineman. To that I have two things to say.

1st, Ironman Tremblant is EVERYTHING, not Vineman, and in order to crush a full in a month and a half I will need to be ready to take on two of the nastiest training weeks of my life starting the day I get back. This requires the right ramp-up.

2nd, I believe in order for a program to succeed you must give in to it/your coach 100% and trust what they prescribe is in your best interest, above what anyone else tells you. I believe what my coach has done will allow me to put a respectable 70.3 together and more importantly take on the full distance to the best of my ability.

Following race day, depending on the outcome, I invite anyone and everyone to get in line to say “I told you so” or ask me what I’m doing. I’m hoping for the latter!


Time to recover hard!!!

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