Only 2 weeks to go!!!

It was about this time last week I was really starting to get excited about all the cool summer activities I had coming up.  First Boston to see my sister graduate from Law School, then Placid for a mini training trip, Eagleman shortly after, and I had just signed up for QT2 Lake Placid camp in June which I was very happy about.  The details of Vegas for Worlds were getting buttoned up plus I had enough in savings for Nationals in Milwaukee and was just about to pull the trigger on a training bike from EBay when I got the call about LA.  I had been holding back for months, afraid to spend money or make plans so it figures things would happen just as I commit to a summer in Buffalo.  But I’m not complaining, that’s just how life is and I’m more than happy with the outcome.

The timing on the other hand could have been a little better (still not complaining).  I have two weeks now to get my life in order, on top of back to back 22 hour training weeks, and a full time 40 hour/week job (which also happens to include multiple full day training sessions), before packing up and leaving to Eagleman 70.3, then straight to California.  If you do the math on a 24 hour day, take out 7 hours for sleeping (which should really be 8-9 with the amount of workouts I am doing), 3.5 on average for training, 8.5 for work plus transit and meals that leaves about 17 minutes/night that I’ve had to stare at my mess of a room and think “ok, I’m going to do something about this tomorrow”

The mess just keeps adding up!

The mess just keeps adding up!

I’ve learned, despite hearing the contrary from athletes and coaches in the past, that it isn’t very hard to work a full time job on top of 20+ hour training weeks.  What’s hard is doing anything else!  My life is like water in a pot and as long as I only have to focus on the same key things (work, training and friends/family) there’s enough space, but add anything else, such as recently, and it all starts to spill over.  The scary thing is how at peace I am with it.  Perhaps I’ve conditioned my mind to deal with the stress or maybe I’m just disillusioned, but honestly I’m not one bit scared about the future.  I’m a little nervous of, for a brief time, having everything I own in transit, my Jeep on a flatbed and my bike in storage on the plane.  I’m upset to leave friends, colleges and teammates on the East Coast, and a little anxious about tossing the majority of my worldly possessions, but apprehensive about the move, not one bit!

I have friends with homes and so many possessions.  When I go over to visit I get nervous about how much they have and me at 29 with seemingly nothing.  I recently placed everything that matters to me in a room and was shocked to realize it only represented a couple large boxes.  But at the same time I consider it freeing that all I need are a few personal items of emotional significance to get bye (in addition to pictures which reside on thumb drives and the web).  I’m not saying one way is better than another but it’s nice not to have much to lose, after all you can’t take it with you, figuratively and literally in my case.  The one item that I am undecided on is something of significant personal importance, a display model of Spike the Ultimate dinosaur, the first product I ever worked on as an engineer  –

Fisher-Price Spike the Ultimate Dinosaur

Fisher-Price Spike the Ultimate Dinosaur

It means a lot to me, and will have to if it wants to make it to LA because I’m guessing it will cost a TON to transport 2500 miles.  Everything else I won’t lose sleep over.

Speaking of losing sleep I’ve been up real late every night recently.  Last night I finished my run at 11pm, the night before after midnight.  But despite investigating moving options, booking flights, arranging temporary living, canceling utilities, memberships, etc I haven’t missed a minute of workouts so far, going into a long 15 hour weekend.  These next two weeks will be interesting to say the least but I welcome the challenge.

Bring it on!

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