California: The Next Chapter

Beach View Cropped

I began writing this post in my head September of last year when I first went out to visit my friends in LA and absolutely fell in love with it.  Today, almost 9 months later, after some close calls and an emotional rollercoaster ride, I am happy to announce that I will be taking the next step in my life having accepted a job in El Segundo California with Mattel.


For those of you that know me this should come as no surprise.  I have had some great times with friends in Buffalo over the last ten years but started to question whether this is the right place for me.  Other than the world being a large place, having traveled around it to China and back a few times for work, I have grown to understand myself more than ever lately and what’s important to me.  I value passion and the pursuit of bettering one’s self which I’ve found a great avenue for with work and in triathlon, and as always seeking fun with friends and family.  That is all I need really!  But recently running laps around Delaware Park late at night in the freezing cold, spending hundreds of hours riding thousands of miles in my living room, and searching the bars after hours for fun but only finding regret have begged me to ask the question what am I doing to myself??

I appreciate all the opportunities I have been presented with over the years.  I am fortunate for all the great experiences I have had from high school to college and after with athletics and friends.  In life I don’t believe it’s where you end up but the choices you make and opportunities taken advantage of that matter and I believe this is one of those opportunities.

I do not expect to move out to the West Coast and turn pro-athlete, become rich and eventually settle down with Katie Perry.  But I do expect to train year round in an environment that is accommodating and supportive, drive my Jeep on the beach with the top down and doors off, and spend time with other young active professionals outside instead of at bars or in their homes.  I have nothing but good things to say about Fisher-Price and look forward to furthering my career while staying at Mattel and continuing to provide the world with toys, a profession I can be happy and proud of.

My first time looking into the Pacific Ocean at my new home

My first time looking into the Pacific Ocean at my new home

I am old enough to know that life is short but young enough to have my whole life ahead of me.  I am anxious and excited to take this next step.  And if you are ever on the West Coast remember me because you’ll have a place to stay in my cramped closet of an apartment on the beach.

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