My 2016 Halloween Movie List

Halloween is my #1 holiday of the year, and a tradition that was established about 5 years ago with Buffalo Roommates who shared my sentiment was to celebrate the month through gruesome movies/shows, one after another, shared together.  This list celebrates the sentiment as the tradition wasn’t about just watching the best, scariest most horrific movies as it was about the process of picking to see who could raise the bar the highest.

The below list is in no way representative of my favorite Halloween movies, though that might be another good list to come, rather it is a simple selection of what has been presented to me by friends this year to which I have answered with a brief one sentence classification (also attaching a link to Rotten Tomatoes to better determine their worth).  Today marks roughly the first half of the way through October and I hope to expand this list by double before it’s over so please offer any suggestions, new or old to keep the tradition running, and always watch in a group for maximum effect.



Psychological thriller with slow build to intense climax.  A good movie to talk about after, particularly for those living in LA.

Fun and worth the wait.  Available on Netflix.



Fun, simple premise.  High critic reviews with a questionable ending.  Low budget and recent with an 80-90’s vibe.

Must watch!



Gore, gore, gore!!  You will not feel good about this during and particularly after but it does it’s job well.  Bitter sweet staring Anton Yelchin and Patrick Stewart.

Good luck getting to sleep after.



Critically acclaimed, multi layered, demonic possession thriller.   I didn’t realize the totality of this film until it was explained to me after.

Worth a try.  Available on Netflix.



Intrigued to see this for it’s shock value.  The premise is great but character development poor and forced.  Poor reviews and not recommended unless for the middle 10 minutes or so of in your face horror.

Don’t watch this.



The kind of movie you can have on in the background while answering work emails.  I watched it on a long plain ride and don’t feel bad about it however low on the totem pole of better options.

If stuck on the bait, better and slightly less horrific than the presidential debates.  Available on Netflix.



Awesome Netflix series to watch one at a time or all at once, taking the place of what American Horror Story might have filled in the past.  Awesome 80’s vibe.  Lots of Halloween costumes projected from this one.

Great to watch.  Available on Netflix.

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