2017 Mission Statement


Looking forward to 2017 I thought it fitting to start with some of the my greatest motivational influences from this past year –

I feel fortunate to have been surrounded by so many high functioning accomplished individuals.  The bar has been raised high!!


Perhaps my greatest challenge in athletics as well as in life.  With a continued desire to emphasize strengthening relationships over training I’ll look to reevaluate my prioritization of time and finances so that everyone can be happy.  This includes – separating races and family time so that I can be fully present and available, budgeting visits, non-racing trips ahead of time, limiting triathlon related expenses (coaching, nutrition/fueling and races), being ok with sleeping in once and a while (we’ll see about this one!), ensuring I can be my best at work each day and taking the most out of each opportunity.

Goals and Objectives

Tough act to follow Balance but my major focus for 2017 will be the 70.3 distance with a desire to qualify for 70.3 Worlds, find new PR’s and improve my USAT AG ranking.  Since these objectives are based on variable factors outside of my control my main goal will be to improve upon my performance indicators collectively in each discipline and on race day (sub 30 min swim, 260+ watt NP average and sub 1:25 run).  Targeting these goals with continuous and intelligent use of Tower26 sessions, strength focused trainer sessions to build FTP (330+ watts) and a return to steady, strong and uninjured running volume.  I truly feel that I can be knocking on the door without drastic changes, I’m already so close to the 4:teens where magic begins happening for male Age Grouper’s.

I intend to do Arizona as a late season Full however my goals will be low for this race, looking only to have a solid experience to build upon setting up a Full focus in 2018.

Season Complexion


Core Sessions

Looking to preserve the same training week composition that was established 5 years back when I started with QT2.  I have switched to a 2 week up (Build) 1 week back (Recovery) pattern vs the 3 up 1 back I have done in the past, once I get into the meat of the season.  “Sleep in” is code for “down time” and may fill either mornings or evenings, as long as I can make myself available.



In order to have success in training I want to feel confident again in my body’s capabilities which requires a complete look into my weaknesses, including preexisting calf, back and piraformus issues, however open to anything new.  As athletes there’s an emphasis to build the engine however without a strong foundation to keep things moving forward your days will ultimately be numbered no matter how fast you are.  I have already seen a Physical Medicine Dr who authorized an MRI which has shown no evidence of an existing tear.  In addition she has recommended an in-network Sports PT (which I can reasonably afford) who I intend to help with fixing my diagnosed issues and strengthening my weak links so that I can run strong and confident again.

In addition I will look to continue doing the things that have already worked for me including strength in the gym, routine weekly Yoga, rolling with the Vyper, icing post runs and adding an adjustable standing desk for posture at work.

Run Strategy

As it pertains to returning to a faster runner off the bike as I was in 2014, while carefully monitoring and limiting intensity, I built a run program that is designed to gradually increase volume and intensity while maintaining a ceiling at <6min/mile.  The plan carries much of what I did with QT2 emphasizing runs off the bike, consistent volume, easy recovery and lots of Z1/Z2 running.


Swim and Bike

Worth briefly mentioning I intend to stick with Tower26, a program that has not only made me faster, enjoy the sport of swimming (separate from triathlon swimming), but has exposed me to a community that is supportive, encouraging and gets each other. A group with a sense of comradery I haven’t felt a sense of since my college days of running Cross Country 10 years ago.

Tower26 logo

As the bike is concerned I hope to keep doing what I’m doing with consistent trainer workouts and outdoor weekend sessions however I look to team up with buddies for my Interval workout (Tuesday) and Long ride (Sunday) to maintain accountability and make training a little more fun.  I also look forward to continuing to rep Hot Wheels in my Cycling Team kit –


Strength/Core/PT Exercises

I will continue with my current Strength and Yoga routine during lunch at work which is convenient and quick.  I’d like to dial down the days doing strength yet monitor to ensure my strength doesn’t fall off as it has in the past.  I remember squating 185 comfortably in the off season (November-December) then suddenly struggling at half that weight during the regular season without careful attention.  I have my base weight/reps I want to ensure I can do throughout as I’ve learned consistent strength training is vital to staying healthy and uninjured.

I’ve received specific PT exercises focusing on my weak areas.  I intend to do these 2-3x a week no matter what and continue to modify, build and test to ensure I am headed in the right direction.  I can not run/train at my best without full confidence and I look forward to receiving that feeling again this year.


Not too much of a change here, just need to focus on a continuation to eat cleaner and adapt to training volume for weight management.


Race weight (162.5lbs)

Uggh, never in my life have I been 170+ lbs until this year.  In college I was <155lbs at my lowest (that’s at 6′-1″!).  My body is still changing…


I hope to be 162lbs by St George in May (currently 174lbs).

In Summary…

By adhering to everything I’ve mentioned, staying consistent yet also reasonable and enjoying the process I am hopeful that I can make some good things happen in 2017.  I do this stuff because I love it and it’s fun to do.  Being sidelined in the past has only served to show me how important racing is. Bring on 2017!!


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  1. Andrew Leonard
    January 13, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    Go Welby!

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